Disposable Food Packaging can be Harmful to Human Health

Learn about food packaging chemicals and micro-plastic threats to human health from leading scientists.

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1440 Multiversity
Scotts Valley, Cal.
June 12-14


About our keynote speakers:  Linda Birnbaum and Pete Myers are two leaders who have forged new frontiers in our understanding of toxic chemical exposure and opened our eyes to the dangers of low dose exposures.

Martin Wagner
Norwegian Technical University Trøndheim, NO
chemicals in food packaging
Leo Trasande
New York University, USA
pediatric human health
Rob Sargis
University of Illinois, USA
metabolic disruption, health
Katie Pelch
The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), USA
systematic reviews, endocrine disruption
Susan Nagel
University of Missouri, USA
endocrine disruption
Pete Myers
Environmental Health Sciences, USA
endocrine disruption, science communication
Jane Muncke
Food Packaging Forum, CH
food contact chemicals
Olwenn Martin
Brunel University, UK
systematic reviews
Maricel Maffini
independent consultant/Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), USA
indirect food additives, food contact regulations USA
Chris Kassotis
Duke University, USA
ecotoxicology, mixtures
Jane Houlihan
Healthy Babies, Bright Futures, USA
chemicals and health, chemicals policy USA
Ksenia Groh
Food Packaging Forum, CH
food contact chemicals
Birgit Geueke
CNRS (French National Research Center),FR
Endocrine Disruption
Jean-Baptiste Fini
CNRS (French National Research Center),FR
Endocrine Disruption
Barbara Demeneix
CNRS (French National Research Center),FR
Neurological Disruption, Chemicals Policy
Jonathan Chevrièr
McGill University, CA
Epidemiology, Human Health