The UNWRAPPED Project aims to raise awareness across the globe about the human health risks posed by plastics and food packaging materials and chemicals. All forms of single-use food and beverage packaging appear to contain health-harming chemicals that migrate into food and beverages and pose health risks. Therefore in addition to calling for an end to single-use plastic packaging that is filling the environment with large -scale to nanosized forms of plastic (polluting the air we breath, water we drink, and food we eat), the UNWRAPPED project calls for corporate and government decision makers to take a precautionary approach to using harmful chemicals that are known to migrate out of packaging and cause human health impacts and use only chemicals and packaging materials that are proven safe.

The Project relies on the underlying scientific facts presented by a scientific consensus about the dangers of food packaging and risks to human health. Based on the most current scientific understanding of the issue, we show how food contact chemicals (FCCs)—i.e. the substances in food contact articles (i.e. food packaging)—impact human health. The science was presented at the UNWRAPPED conference in June 2019 where scientists and activists from across the globe shared perspectives about addressing the health threats posed by food packaging.

Based on the scientific consensus, leading plastic pollution, environmental and public health experts and advocates across the globe have joined together to issue a DECLARATION OF CONCERN and CALL TO ACTION. Across the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa 165 # of signatories, representing a variety of voices are calling for a more precautionary approach to regulating chemicals used in food packaging and seeking action not only to eliminate plastics, but all forms of single-use packaging due to the human health risks they pose. The UNWRAPPED Project Partners are leading regional education and advocacy initiatives to reduce human health risks associated with food packaging.